Website Design

Theme Customizing

Meridith, owner of MommyinLeggings was browsing a blog and fell in love with a related post feature. She didn't want to use a plugin that would slow down her website performance so she contacted Build the Best Blog. We created a new function to generate a related post by tag and category. We then designed the CSS styling to make it look exactly how she wanted. 


Website Design/ Webmaster/ Graphic Designer

Webmaster/ Designer

This is where it all started. We built this Naturally Made with Love from the ground up using a standard WordPress theme called Creative Blog. We are running 2 child themes, 1 for desktop and 1 for mobile. Everything on this site has been designed by us including the style and the graphics.

Website Design / Diagnosis Repair

Theme Help

Danielle owner of CoffeeGraceandTomatoPaste decided to switch themes to a really lovely sprinkle theme. She did everything correct in the aspect of changing themes but when she viewed her blog it still showed the old theme. She contacted the Seo Mechanic and we worked with her to solve the issue. Within a few hours we had her site looking great again. We stayed with her the whole way and didn't quit until she was happy!

Website Design / Child Theme

Mobile Friendliness

Katie at Wonderfully Made Midwifery is a very wonderful person with an absolute love for babies and birth. Her webmaster did not set her up with a mobile friendly theme and so she was not ranking well in search. We were able to create her a child theme and scale it to automatically adjust to any size screen without loosing the look of her site. We had her website mobile friendly within 3 hours and went from a score of 34 to a score of 100 in google user friendliness. With in 2 days she was starting to rank on page 1 in search.