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Are you tired of having to do SEO on your content? Ready to get back to the joys of blogging? The SEO Mechanic is now offering Content SEO Optimizing. Get your content optimized by the best and rank better in Google. Visit the Product Page for more information!

Buy A Blog

$600 plus cost of domain and hosting Initial blog setup with a complete blog that is fully optimized for seo for better search ranking, a live visual editor, Google analytics and Google search console. Importing old blog post, own email address through domain eg.

purely maintenance

SEO Mechanic

$30 SEO diagnosis $30 for "above the fold" plug in set up $100/hr for seo optimization (SEO diagnostics included) $100/hr to set up child themes for mobile and desktop versions to have the same look for both. Content SEO optimizing $20 per post with discounts after 10.

We customize any theme

Theme Customizing

We can customize any theme to make it exactly how you want. Did you see something you liked on another page? No problem we can get it on yours. 

Why we do what we do

We started Build the Best Blog to help others succeed. We offer a variety of services like website design and graphic design as well as Search Engine Optimization. At BtBB we believe that better is always possible with the right mindset and the right knowledge. We have seen many people say that to get better Google rankings just takes time. We are here to tell you that's a load of junk. There are many things that helps you rank in Google and it takes all of them to reach page 1. We are here to help you build your website and grow your traffic.

How to build the best blog

Solved Social Media Issue

Social Media was not displaying URLs for my website correctly. Jonathan helped me figure out that I had an issue with the SSL of my website. Once this was resolved, my website displayed correctly. Thank you Jonathan!

Highly Recommended

I was having issues with Pinterest and the Pinterest team could not figure out why my pins were not showing the metadata. I contacted other developers and none of them were able to figure out the issue, they kept blaming the sharing plugin I was using.

I contacted Jonathan and he quickly figured out that my website was not optimized and that's why Pinterest was unable to retrieve the metadata. I hired him to optimize my whole website and 3 days later my traffic tripled!I am happy with the money I spent on my website. I highly recommend him for any issues you might be having on your website.

I Found my Web Designer For Life

I will start off by saying this, if you are not Using Jonathan for your website you are doing things backwards. He is amazing. I met Jon in a group on Facebook and he took the time to answer so many questions and never asked me if i wanted his help to redo our website. Meanwhile we were using 2 other people and wasting my money. Once we came to our mind, I reached out for Jon to help us and we were so angry at ourselves. We had spent about a month and so much money and never got what was promised from other people. Jon took us under his wing and the results speak for themselves. We knew our website was lacking something and Jon knew exactly how to fix it. He took over and made us finally smile about out website. He not only reconstructed our site, but he taught me so much about our own site and how to use it. He is the best and not only will he be the one who works on my website, but we feel we have made a friend for life. We have never met anyone who is so sincere about giving you the best customer service possible. So once again, if you are using someone besides Jon, you are MAKING A MISTAKE. Thank you my friend.

Excellent work

Jonathan is so helpful and talented, I'm so thankful that I found him to help with my website. I was the unlucky recipient of a database hack, and he spent a lot of time helping me to get back into my website, finding corrupt files and fixing things that were way over my head! I can't recommend him enough!

Site speed improvement!

First of all, Jonathan is amazing! He managed to speed up my site within 1 1/2 hours and his service actually exceeded my expectations! My site loaded at 15 seconds (sometimes even 35 seconds) and now it loads at 1.3 seconds! I never thought my site could be so lightning fast. Highly recommend his service to everyone! 5 million stars from me! 🙂

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